30 Jan

Is it a possibility or a myth to source human hair bundles and lace closure ethically?

This is about a beautiful VAKA hair story written by a hair weave user who chooses her gears responsibly. She talks about her sustainable choices in life and how finding a sustainable hair extensions company is a difficult job. It starts with a quote from the hair buyer "Where do my human hair bundles come from?" and it doesn't end there; she further adds "Are they sourced legally?" which is where most of the hair companies do not pass.  And the final part where she says "Are they manufactured in a humane way?" which is absolutely impossible for a hair company. And she has explained about the various types of hair to be claimed as brazilian hair, malaysian hair, cambodian hair, so on.. and how they do not really exist and concluded on Indian hair being legitimate.

Now further the blog deep dives into categories of Indian hair and how hair companies claiming to sell Indian hair do not really sell the high quality hair. Almost when she lost hope, there came a moment where she landed on vaka hair website and how it changed her perception. Yet she was not still convinced until the hair bundles and lace closure arrived. The moment she received the hair and the way it exceeded her expectations is beautifully documented in this VAKA hair story. Also the best part is VAKA hair scheduled an appointment with her to show their women powered hair factory before publishing her story live which she has mentioned and thanked the team VAKA.  You can read about this beautiful blog in vaka hair website.

human hair bundles

VAKA hair has a program called VAKA hair story and it aims to document real life views, reviews and experiences of hair weave, lace closure users around the world. The hair company does take some time to review the stories and the ones that are approved are published right on the website. Also some stories are featured at prime locations on this hair extensions website.

Hair weave and lace closure product purchased by this VAKA hair customer is for your reference.

lace closure

VAKA Hair is an American hair brand with own hair factory in India. Manufactured with the masterful 21 day process - VAERI CRAFTIN, our hair extensions have the natural luster restored with no loss/damage to the cuticles. We have a range of human hair extensions - bundles with closures, frontals for sewin / DIY wig making. All our hair extensions are made of Indian Temple Hair procured from the temples of South India and they are virgin hair extensions: natural and unprocessed - not treated with chemicals.

Hair weave in general are machine wefted hair where one end of the hair (head part) is drawn and feed into machines. This is used all around the world as the most preferred hair extensions. It's also called as hair bundles and to be precise human hair bundles are the highest quality hair bundles and the cheap ones are made from synthetic hair as well. With regard to natural human hair bundles, Indian hair is mostly used for manufacturing hair weave. Indian hair as described in this story has two different types - one is the temple hair which is the highest grade of human hair sourced from Indian temples through legal auctions. Due to the complexity and steep pricing, this hair is almost a rare find. Even if found, it will be mixed with cheap hair as fillers. The second category is the cheap balled hair collected from Indian villages which is then processed to make finished hair extensions. Wefts are again done using different methods. The earlier one is the hand tied which is now extinct and the latest ones are machine wefted which are more robust than their predecessors.

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